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Today, January 4th 2013, I thought I'd give you an update on Branches.

A lot has changed since September when I first checked in.  First of all, the episode title for episode one changed again.  I thought about it's title and began to think about it.  I finally, after LOTS of consideration, called it, simply, Pilot.

Secondly, character names have also changed.  Sharon is now called Fiona and her and Bronwyn's sister is now called Annabel not Annette.  Harry's girlfriend is no longer Amelia, but rather Reuby.

Writing Branches, like any other show, takes a lot of hard work.  There is plotting, continuity and even ideas.  Ideas are the hardest part of it.  I come up with great ideas, write them down, then find out some other show has already used that idea, or is currently using it.

Anyway, I'll get back on track.  For every character, I'll give you a couple of sentences as to what happened to them in the first episode.

EPISODE 1 - "Pilot"
  • Austin:  Austin didn't play a major role in the season opener.  A major thing that was discovered was that Austin had leukaemia and that he was friends with Reuby.
  • Bronwyn:  Bronwyn told Daniel of her pregnancy, however the child had spina bifida.  After a fall, she is taken to hospital and discovers that her baby is anencephalic.  Later, after a fight with Fiona, Bronwyn tries to commit suicide.
  • Camilla:  Camilla is taken hostage by a woman who asked for her.  This woman is Kayla, and claims to be Camilla's son-turn-daughter, via sex reassignment surgery.
  • Colby:  Colby, like Austin, doesn't play a major part in the season opener.  We find out that he wants Reuby, however does not want to pursue anything.  Near the end of the episode, he is pushed down the stairs, accidently.
  • Daniel:  Sleeping with his sister-in-law was a big mistake for Daniel.  He finds himself in a situation whereby he creates A LOT of tension between all three of them.  When Fiona finally finds out about the affair, Daniel has been exposed to carbon monoxide and is suffering CO poisoning.
  • Fiona:  Fiona plays a massive role in the episode.  She discovers that her sister and husband are sleeping together.  She must also save her two sons, nephew, husband, mother- and sister-in-law (who were both suffering from CO poisoning as well) and her sister, who slit her wrists.
  • Harry:  Harry, at the beginning of the episode, isn't in a good place with his twin brother Miles.  They aren't the best brothers, however when Miles reveals that he is in love with Reuby, things get even uglier.  Long story short, Harry and Miles fall out a window.
  • Kendall:  Kendall is a sensitive woman with needs.  She is in love with Miles and is friends with Laura, who is in hospital after a car crash.  While she doesn't feature a lot in the first episode, she plays a more prominent role in the rest of season one.
  • Miles:  Miles is a sensitive guy who has always fought with brother Harry.  The one thing that Miles had over Harry was his intelligence.  After years of bullying, Miles found a great way to get back at Harry when he began to fall for Reuby.  He told Reuby the truth, and she broke up with Harry.  A massive fight breaks out and Miles and Harry fall out a window.  Miles is fine, however Harry breaks Miles' fall and cops the worst of it.
  • Reuby:  Reuby is an intelligent, beautiful girl that has to choose between the two men in her life: her boyfriend or her best friend.  After a lot of consideration, Reuby decides to end things with Harry...and Miles, however after discovering some shocking news, Reuby begins to question her decision.  When she arrives to tell Harry the news, that she is pregnant with his child, she is met by Austin who informs her there has been an accident.  She decides she's going to have an abortion, but only time will tell if she changes her mind or not.

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